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2009-06-14 16:44:00 by Angora

<Occupied with Life and Love>

No idea if I'll make any more flash or music. Time will tell :). Cheers!


2008-10-19 19:02:33 by Angora

I don't know, for now I lost a bit of my inspiration as to making movies. I wanted to make a music box animation (classical music), but I don't have a tablet and I don't think I want to try drawing frame-by-frame without it again... and otherwise I have no idea what kind of movie to make. Making motion tweened ones are painful tortures with not too satisfying effects.

My problem is, that I usually want to work solo. If I would join up with someone, I could make nice background animation and stuff, but I really just want to make everything myself. Get all the credit, all the experience, all the excercise.

Oh and by the way, I got a kitten! >xD
Though movies she inspires me to make require a tablet and an extreme amount of skill.


The show must go on

2007-12-18 14:02:03 by Angora

I had a hard year, at first I had to study, then I got this moment when my flash team broke.... then at summer break I had a car accident and my mother died. Well, life is hard, but I'm slowly coming back to normal, I'll soon be finishing the animation I was halfway in making, but first I need my computer fixed *groan*.